Women of St Petersburg

Women form the majority of St Petersburg's population. If you're visiting Russia's St Petersburg with the intention of meeting or dating Russian girls and women you just cannot go wrong especially with its extraordinary high percentage of females. St Petersburg is a major Russian University City and it attracts many young women throughout Russia, in addition to a strong community of foreign students. Women in St Petersburg are beautiful, slender and intelligent. There are many opportunities to meet women in any of the numerous bars, clubs and restaurants liberally scattered throughout St Petersburg, with some locations being better than others, depending upon the day of the week.

Once again St Petersburg women will not disappoint – the mature Russian women know that they have stiff competition from younger women and will make exceptional efforts to ensure that they too are noticed.

March 8 is a very big day for Russian women. This is known as International Women's Day (although to the best of our knowledge it's only celebrated in Russia and Vietnam) and is a national holiday where women are given flowers and gifts.

Russian Girls' Names

There are various Russian names for girls that are especially common. This is highly convenient if you're forgetful, but occasionally proves confusing and potentially damaging depending upon how many you meet.

10 popular Russian girl names:

- Olga or Olya

- Irina or Ira (pronounced Ear-rah)

- Anastasia or Nastya

- Marina or Marisha

- Anna or Anya

- Natalia or Natasha

- Svetlana or Sveta

- Tatyana or Tanya

- Yelena or Lena (pronounced Lee-anna)

- Maria or Masha

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