St Petersburg`s Cinemas

Most of the cinemas in St-Petersburg show dubbed movies in Russian language. The tickets usually cost from 100 to 300 rubles - $3 to $10. Some of the cinemas have student's discount.  You can find several movie theatres along Nevsky Prospect, on the last floors of shopping malls and other parts of the city. Every year St-Petersburg hosts several film festivals: Kinoforum and Festival of Festivals just to name a few.

Dom Kino (Cinema House)

One of the oldest cinemas in St-Petersburg with carefully selected repertoire. Cinema mostly focuses on art movies, winners of Venice, Cannes and Sundance film festivals. Dom Kino's draw cards are its huge screen and grand theatre style set up. From time to time the movie theatre organizes retrospective shows of world-famous directors, theme movie nights, and German, French, Chinese ets cinema weeks. Ticket's price about 100-200 rub (3-7$).

Rodina Cinema Center (Киноцентр Родина)

Situated right next to Dom Kino, Rodina is an old school cinema with unusual selection of movies. Rodina is a fairly reliable place for finding subtitled foreign films (Russians usually prefer dubbing), re-showings of old big screen classics and the more off-beat offerings from Hollywood. Special event is their monthly program Silent Movie+Live Music: old silent films accompanied by music specially composed and performed by famous artists from St-Petersburg.

Avrora (Aurora)

It is the oldest cinema hall in St-Petersburg and it has been completely renovated in the beginning of the 2000s. Avrora has reasonable prices and good selection of movies. Actually, quiet often you can find films in original language shown in this cinema theatre. 

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